Tudor History by Michele Morrical

Henry’s Mother Remarries – January 3, 1458

Michele Morrical

Margaret Beaufort married 3rd husband Sir Henry Stafford after her mourning period for Edmund was complete. Margaret and her new husband lived at Bourne Castle in Lincolnshire while her son Henry Tudor stayed at Pembroke Castle with his uncle Jasper Tudor. Margaret’s first marriage contract was made when she was only 5 years old. She was to marry her ward’s son, John de la Pole, but the contract was declared null and void soon thereafter by papal dispensation on the basis that they were too closely related.

About The Author

My journey into Tudor history began about 10 years ago with the TV show “The Tudors” from Showtime. As I watched the show, I wondered how much of it was really true because the storylines were more dramatic and shocking than any soap opera I had ever seen. I picked up Margaret George’s autobiography of Henry VIII and I was hooked. I’ve since read over 100 books on the Tudor period and I’m currently writing my own book about the Wars of the Roses. Check out my blog at https://michelemorrical.com/.

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