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The Birth of Henry Tudor

On January 28, 1457, Henry Tudor, the future King Henry VII of England, was born at Pembroke Castle to a widowed young teenager named Margaret Beaufort. Margaret was not only the richest heiress in England but could also claim the royal bloodline of King Edward III through his son (her great-grandfather), [...]

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Was King Henry IV a Usurper?

Some medieval English kings have unfairly gotten a bad rap. Others are deservedly vilified (Richard III immediately comes to mind). Our modern-day perception of English kings is largely constructed from only a few sources. Of course we have the writings of Shakespeare which were generally based on the real events [...]

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12 Essential Places to See in England For Shakespeareans by Cassidy Cash

By Cassidy Cash, That Shakespeare Girl When you love William Shakespeare, England represents a kind of Mecca where faithful followers of the bard hope to make a pilgrimage to walk in the footsteps of the world’s greatest playwright. When you finally do make that trip over to the holy land [...]

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Book Review: The House of Beaufort: The Bastard Line that Captured the Crown by Nathen Amin

For Tudor lovers, there are a plethora of books available about the Wars of the Roses, the rise of the Tudor dynasty, and the reigns of King Henry VIII and his daughter Queen Elizabeth I. Less material exists on a few precursor subjects such as Henry VI, Henry VII and [...]

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Book Review: The White Princess by Philippa Gregory

As you might have guessed from my previous Tudor book reviews, I’m not a big reader of historical fiction, but with the upcoming Starz series based on “The White Princess” set to premiere on April 16, 2017 (view trailer below), I couldn’t resist picking up this book to see how [...]

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Elizabeth of York Portrait Gallery

elizabeth of york

Portraits of Elizabeth of York, Queen of England, wife to King Henry VII, and daughter of King Edward IV [...]

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Margaret Beaufort Portrait Gallery

Margaret Beaufort Portrait

Margaret Beaufort Portraits Portraits of Margaret Beaufort, mother of King Henry VII and mastermind of Henry’s rise to the throne [...]

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Book Review: Royal Blood by Bertram Fields

Book Review: Royal Blood-Richard III and the Mystery of the Princes by Bertram Fields If you’re like me, you get frustrated when you buy a new Tudor history book hoping for an honest, balanced take on Richard III, but instead you get an author who is very clearly either a [...]

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Book Review: Henry VII by Sean Cunningham

Book Reviews King Henry VII, aka Henry Tudor, has been relegated to the shadows of his larger-than-life-son Henry VIII, and the notorious kings that came before him – Edward IV and Richard III. But without Henry VII, there would be no Henry VIII, no Bloody Mary, no Queen Elizabeth I [...]

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Henry VII Portrait Gallery

Portraits of Henry Tudor / King Henry VII [...]

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