Hi, I’m Michele, nice to meet you!

I’m a historical fiction & non-fiction writer from Indiana, USA. I love researching and writing about medieval kings and queens in England, especially during the Wars of the Roses and the ensuing Tudor Dynasty.

I am probably the most unlikely person ever to become an expert in the Tudor Dynasty and the Wars of the Roses. I’m a Gen-X’er from the States (specifically Indiana) who builds websites for a living. My first exposure to the Tudors was through the Showtime television series The Tudors and I was immediately hooked. I thought it was so fantastic and if it was really true, this stuff was better than soap operas.

So that led me on a mission to find out what was true and what was made up. I read book after book and was fascinated by the stories not just of the Tudors but of earlier British kings and their queens. The more I read, the more I wanted to read, and I felt compelled to tell these stories to others, stories that are so much better than fiction.

About 10 years and hundreds of books later, my passion for telling these true stories is as strong as ever!

I am so excited to be releasing my very first book entitled “Usurpers: A New Look at Six Medieval Kings” which will be published in September 2021 by Pen & Sword Books.

Check out my blog to learn more about the Tudors, the Wars of the Roses, and other infamous medieval rulers from England.

Books by Michele Morrical

Usurpers: A New Look at Six Medieval Kings by Michele Morrical - Pen & Sword Books
Usurpers: A New Look at Six Medieval Kings by Michele Morrical – Pen & Sword Books


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